Terms of Service Agreement

Below is our Terms of Service Agreement. Please review it prior to making a reservation. Once we receive your deposit and reservation, we will send you a digital copy to sign.

Terms of Service

Upon placing your online reservation and making your deposit, you acknowledge the rental item(s) are being rented from Dream Weaver Events and used on a temporary basis according to the following terms and requirements.

Rental Time Period

Standard rental time period is 4 days (Thursday-Monday) for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday events. Weekday event rental time period will be customized for each event. 

Item Specific Guidelines

Specific guidelines for each rental item must be followed to ensure prevention of permanent damage to rental items and safety hazards. These guidelines are listed in each item description on our website as well as item description on invoice.


A 50% non-refundable deposit of rental total is due at the time of online item reservation. Remaining total and any selected additional service fees will be billed by invoice and emailed to the customer. Payment is due in full 2 weeks prior to pick-up date. Once payment(s) is/are received, payment(s) is/are non-refundable.

Additions and Deductions

Additional rental items can be reserved online up to 2 weeks prior to pick-up date. If final payment has not been made, remaining balance of additional item reservations and existing item reservations will be billed together.

Once online item reservation and deposit has been made, item deductions are not offered.


In the event that your event is cancelled for any reason, all payments made will be forfeited. Notice of cancellation must be emailed to kirby@dreamweaverevents.com.

In the event your event is postponed for any reason, item reservation can be transferred to the new event date pending item availability. If items are already reserved for the new date, Dream Weaver Events will offer the most comparable available rental items as substitution. Transfer of reservation must be within one calendar year of original date.

Pick-up, Delivery, and Return

Pick-up: Pick-up occurs on the Thursday of event week between 2:00 pm and 7:00 pm unless an alternate time is mutually agreed upon and pre-scheduled. Pick-up location is 807 S. Lamar Amarillo, TX 79106. Please take note of dimensions of selected rental items to ensure all items will fit in transportation. All items will be inspected and quantities confirmed by the person picking-up the items and a Dream Weaver Events representative at the time of pick-up. Additional pick-up details will be provided at time of final payment. 

Return: Rentals must be returned on the first Monday following the event between 2:00 pm and 6:00 pm unless an alternate time is mutually agreed upon and pre-scheduled. Items will be counted and inspected at the time of return. Personal items (ex: candles, stickers, ribbon, flowers, etc.) to rental items must be removed prior to packing and returning.

DWE Delivery, Set-up, After Event Pick-up, & After Event Clean-Up: These services are offered as add-ons for rental orders of a minimum of $500. If the rental item requires mandatory delivery and after event pick-up, it will be noted in the item description on our website. Fees are a percentage of your overall subtotal and will be charged on invoice for final payment.
Delivery: 10% of subtotal
Delivery & Set-up: 25% of subtotal
After Event Pick-Up: 10% of subtotal
After Event Clean-Up: 15% of subtotal
For after event pick-up service, items must be gathered together (separate from personal belongings) in a designated spot and ready to be packed by Dream Weaver representative. Reasonable amount of time must be allotted for packing and loading.
For after event pick-up service, a Dream Weaver Events representative will come at the end of your event to gather and pack the items rented through DWE. We are not responsible for trash or other items. A reasonable amount of time must be allotted for gathering, packing, and loading.

Travel fees for these services of $0.60 per mile will be applied if the location is more than 20 miles from Amarillo. To calculate mileage enter Amarillo, TX and the specific address of the location on Google Maps.


Servingware and glassware must be returned lightly cleaned (rinsed and wiped off) and free of crumbs, large debris, and sticky or colored liquid. Please do not use soap or chemicals or put any items in dishwasher.

We gladly clean and remove normal amounts of residue, small debris, and smudges after return on rental items.

Damaged/Lost Items

Items returned broken, damaged, incomplete, or missing will be charged an additional fee of 5 times the rental price (per item) due at the time of return with a credit card payment. This includes but is not limited to: cracked or broken glass, pieces bent severely from their original shape, deep visible scratches, permanent stains, tears, chips, and weather/water damage. 

Customer will be charged $10 per transportation bin/container that are not returned or returned damaged and unusable.